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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your partner can be a subsequent/dependent visa holder and can come with you during your study in Australia. A separate fee and a sufficient cost of living allowance would be required.

For students of nursing in Australia. Here below are the estimate expenses through your journey


Subclass 500 Visa Fee – $500 

Spouse / Partner Visa Fee – $350

Monthly Rent – $800-$1500

Monthly Food – $500- $1000

Monthly Transportation – $300

Monthly Health Insurance – $100



To be able to assist you with your Australian Nursing Studies and Visa Application:

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Passport
  • Transcript of Records
  • Award Certificates
  • CV

As part of your student visa, you must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient money to
cover 12 months of:
 Living costs
 Tuition fee
 Schooling costs if you are bringing your children
 Travel costs
 Health insurance

For living costs, Department of Home Affairs has specified the following:
12-month living costs are:
 Student – AUD21,041
 Student’s spouse or de facto partner – AUD7,362
 Student’s child (each) – AUD3,152

Yes, you will need to achieve the required score in tests like IELTS and PTE for both admissions and

visa applications. The required score will be determined by your study pathway, as well as your

education provider.

As of August 2022, the processing time of a student visa application can range from 16 days to more

than 6 months. There are many factors affecting the processing timeframe of each visa application,

which is why you should consult and plan ahead before submitting the visa application.

Well it depends on the courses. If you want to estimate the cost to study in Australia. Contact us for estimation cost.

Yes, once your visa is applied. You may need to provide a medical test from one of the department’s health partner in the Philippines.

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from start to finish.


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